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HOUSE OF HOPE FOUNDATION FOR KIDS WITH CANCER INC, is a SEC registered, non-stock non-profit charity organization established as Davao Children’s Cancer Fund Inc (DCCFI) on May 3, 2004 (CN20048204) to respond to the needs of children with cancer in Davao and Mindanao. Its vision is to Bring Hope, Live Life and Attain Cure for children with cancer. Its core values include compassion, holistic care, excellence, child cancer advocacy and
environmental protection.

Over the years through its pursuit of better care and outcomes for pediatric cancer, it developed the Kids of Hope Program, a holistic, child centered and multidisciplinary approach for kids with cancer. Its initiatives focused on supporting dedicated space for pediatric cancer patients, training a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and support staff, as well as patient support that included financial, medical and psychosocial.













In 2006, HOHF started a partnership with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the biggest pediatric oncology center in the world. The partnership entailed support of the pioneering team of doctors, nurses and support staff as well as capacity building through training and technology transfer. Its long view is to help Southern Philippines Medical Center become a center of excellence in pediatric oncology that will model other areas of in the country and the ASEAN region.

Among its major projects was House of Hope, a transient home within the SPMC compound made possible by its partnership with SPMC and the Rotary Club of Waling-Waling Davao (RCWWD).   RCWWD raised the funds necessary to convert an old dorm into a halfway house for pediatric children on outpatient chemotherapy. Eighty percent of patients seen at SPMC come from outside Davao City.  SPMC provided the space and facility for renovation through a usufruct agreement in 2007 and HOHF managed the daily running of the facility.  A novel concept at that time, House of Hope inspired other transient facilities for out of town patients on chronic treatment as well as developed other House of Hope facilities such as the Annex Building, Margarita Village, HoH Bangkal and HoH Tagum.  It was RCWWD’s signature project that garnered international and national awards for both RCWWD and HoHF.

World Child Cancer chose HoHF as beneficiary of its grant to develop the Mindanao Pediatric Cancer Care Network, a group of satellite facilities caring for children with cancer across the island located in the cities of Cagayan de Oro - Northern Mindanao Medical Center, Tagum - Davao Regional Medical Center, General Santos - St Elizabeth Hospital, and Valencia City - La Vina General Hospital. HoHF was awarded the first Bayani ng Kalusugan Award in 2014 from the Department of Health for its significant impact in the service delivery network.

Apart from supporting dedicated spaces and training for pediatric oncology, HoHF steps in the gap in pediatric cancer care.  This includes financial support, chemotherapy medications, antibiotics, radiation therapy, laboratory and special diagnostic tests, transportation expenses and many other needs.

It has partnered with the University of Southeastern Philippines Department of Education Special Projects, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Dumanlas Elementary School and Davao City National High School for the Hospital Based Education Program that is currently run by the Department of Education and Dumanlas Elementary School. Now going on its 4th Moving Up Ceremonies, the School in the Hospital allows children on long term treatment to continue their education.

Among HOHF successful programs are included the Early Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign that promoted not only public education on the signs and symptoms of cancer but also allowed the surrounding community to support pediatric cancer patients as well as early cancer detection that improved survival and cure.

Its Retinoblastoma Center project in 2012 developed a pilot program for early retinoblastoma diagnosis and better outcomes through a grant with Khoo Teck Puat Foundation, Singapore. With the help of then Ambassador to Singapore Minda Cruz, a retinal camera was donated to SPMC to better document retinoblastoma patients and facilitate better referral to specialists.  Ambassador Cruz likewise inspired the Ambassadors of Hope, a parent support group that regularly assists in all HOHF undertakings and the Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) feeding program.

HOHF  provide Child Life Program for kids with cancer admitted at SPMC. Its child life coordinator helps coordinate Celebrate Life activities as well as help kids go through difficult procedures and other psychosocial needs.

HOHF received DSWD accreditation on December 9, 2014. Previously named Davao Children’s Cancer Fund Incorporated (DCCFI), it acquired Foundation status under SEC on August 9, 2017 and changed its name to House of Hope Foundation for Kids with Cancer.

Dr Mae Dolendo, a pediatric oncologist was its first president and founded the charity with other Charter members namely: Dr Pelagio Iriarte, Dr Renie Maguinsay, Dr Michael Manalaysay, Dr Grace Pecson, Dr Jeannie Ong, Dr Lily Yu, Dr Jennifer Banluta, Dr Odette Valderrama, Ana Basilio, and Fr Domingo Barawid.


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HOHF is currently led by President Fatima Inderah Disomimba,Vice President Frederick Rubinos, Secretary Roy Cresencio Linao, Treasurer, Maribel Chua, Auditor Mercedita Restor, Program Director Mae Concepcion Dolendo, MD, FPPS, FPSPO, Public Relation OfficeMaryfe Sabino. The members includes Fr. Eduardo Vasquez, Retired Ambassador Luis T. Cruz  - Honorary Member, Retired Ambassador Minda Calaguian-Cruz  - Honorary Member, Edna Jalotjot, PhD - Honorary Member


Bring Hope. Attain Life. Bring Cure for Children with Cancer


To bring hope, promote better survival rates and achieved excellent, holistic care for children with cancer through advocacy, quality improvement and better resources.


Compassion. Excellence. Holistic Care. Child Cancer Advicacy


Childhood Cancer Advocacy

  • Promote public awareness and education through tri-media approach

  • Establish linkages with government and nongovernment organizations

Holistic Cancer Care for Children

  • Better access to treatment through adequate preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic facilities

  • Environmental protection

Training and Research

  • Promote training for medical and paramedical staff

  • Create a pediatric cancer registry

  • Establish adequate facilities for childhood cancer research




  • Antonio O Floirendo Sr Foundation

  • Ayala Foundation

  • BPI Bayan

  • Camillian Family

  • Cancer Warriors

  • City Government of Davao

  • Davao Light and Power Corp

  • Davao Photographers for Peace

  • Department of Health

  • GMA Kythe Inc

  • Holiday Gym and Spa

  • IWatch

  • Millenium Cars Mindanao, Inc (Ford Motors Company)

  • Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao

  • Park Inn Hotel by Radisson

  • PhilHealth

  • PhilHealth Run for Hope

  • Philippine Information Agency- Davao

  • Phoenix Petroleum Philippines

  • Poeng Yue Foundation

  • Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-Asa Davao

  • Rotary Club of Pag-Asa Davao

  • Rotary Club of Waling-Waling Davao

  • University of Southeastern Philippines

  • Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

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